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The primary purpose of this site is to present an online version of the Macky Family in New Zealand book. The original data is presented with no significant changes, just a few typos and numbering corrections, though I probably made some transcription errors. Since going online, the following changes have been made:


  • 28 Dec 2019 · Per Brian Wallace MACKY [B.1.d.1.A.1]:
    • B.1.d.1.A.1.c Connor David Wallace MACKY = Kayden Lee CARPENTER
  • 5 Aug 2019 · Per Therese MANNING née RENOUF [D.3.d.1.A]:
    • D.3.d.1.A Therese Joy RENOUF = Nicholas P. MANNING
      • D.3.d.1.A.1 Ella Grace MANNING
      • D.3.d.1.A.2 Paige Hope MANNING
      • D.3.d.1.A.3 Grayson Bernard James MANNING
    • D.3.d.1.B Fleur Lilian RENOUF = Graeme FERGUSON
      • D.3.d.1.B.1 James Robert FERGUSON
  • 18 Nov 2017 · Per Donna Messenger née Macky:
    • B.3.a.1.B.2 Bradley Spencer MESSENGER = Judy Shin-Chern WANG
    • B.3.d.1.A Philip Christian HERCUS, d. 3 Sep 2017
  • 25 Apr 2017 · Per Delwyn May PATON née GOULD, wife of Graeme Leonard PATON [E.2.f.5.D], added their three children:
    • E.2.f.5.D.1 Michael Peter PATON
    • E.2.f.5.D.2 Daniel Graeme PATON
    • E.2.f.5.D.3 Cameron Jack PATON
  • 6 Sep 2016 · Per Ali TOCKER [B.2.a.4.C], news of the passing of:
    • B.2.a.4 Margaret Grace MACKAY née MACKY, b. 13 April 1919, d. 20 July 2016.
    A memorial service is being held 17 September.
  • 10 Jul 2016 · Per Cameron Wallace MACKY [B.1.d.1.B.1], added his two kids (finally):
    • B.1.d.1.B.1.a Caspian David Wallace MACKY
    • B.1.d.1.B.1.b Caelyn Willow MACKY
  • 3 Sep 2015 · Per Maywenn Leila DIALLO-HALDIMANN [B.2.e.1.A.1], news of the birth of her daughter:
    • B.2.e.1.A.1.a Aïssatou Jade DIALLO
  • 15 Mar 2015 · Per Constance Marie BOERO née MACKY [B.3.a.2.A], news of the marriage of her first son Domenic Joseph BOERO in 2014.
  • 21 Dec 2013 · Per Robert Hugh MACKY [C.2.a.3.C], new of his oldest daughter Anna's marriage, and from Alexandra Stevenson [D.1.b.2.A.1], news of new births:
    • C.2.a.3.C.1 Lisa Ann MACKY married
    • D.1.b.2.B.1 Katherine HIRSCHMAN
    • D.1.b.2.B.2 Robert HIRSCHMAN
    • D.1.b.2.C.1 Hannah McKAY
    • D.1.b.2.C.2 Benjamin McKAY
  • 7 Apr 2013 · Per Donna MESSENGER née MACKY, who was trekking in Patagonia recently and ran into a Macky relative, Kathryn DAWSON (B.5.c.1.A.2)!:
    • B.3.a.1.A.2 Lisa Ann MACKY, now married with two kids:
      • B.3.a.1.A.2.a Tyler Kelvin ZUTNER
      • B.3.a.1.A.2.b Dylan Spencer ZUTNER
    • B.3.a.1.B Donna Lindsay MACKY, death of husband.
    • B.3.a.1.B.1 Andrew Lawrence MESSENGER, now married.
  • 20 Nov 2012 · Per Shannon Maree BRITTEN née NARRIER, wife of Timothy Ian BRITTEN [B.3.d.4.B.1], various news from their branch:
    • B.3.d.4.A Jonathon Roger BRITTEN d.8 Jan 2001
    • B.3.d.4.B.1 Timothy Ian BRITTEN (removed children shown with first wife Fiona, as they were from Fiona's previous marriage)
    • B.3.d.4.B.1.a Thomas Joseph Britten
    • B.3.d.4.B.2 Cherie Karyn BRITTEN has children:
      • B.3.d.4.B.2.a Skye Rachel SCRIVENER
      • B.3.d.4.B.2.b Teah Rose SCRIVENER
  • 6 Jan 2012 · Per Alice LAKE-HAMMOND [C.2.a.4.A.1], corrections to her and siblings' names (LAKE-HAMMOND, not HAMMOND with middle name LAKE). Also sad news of Mary Sherlock's passing:

    "I am sorry to say, but Mary Sherlock (my Great-Aunt) passed away 5th Sept 2010. Her sister, my Great-Aunt Helen (Kominik née. Macky) also passed away earlier this year at the beginning of August. I was travelling at the time so I'm not sure of the exact date, but could find out and let you know.

    We (the descendants of Thomas Hugh Macky (C.2.a)) recently gathered for a family reunion just before the new year. This was organised, for the most part, but John Sherlock (C.2.a.5.B), Mary Sherlock's second son with help from his brother Rory Sherlock (C.2.a.5.A) and cousin Tom Macky (C.2.a.7.A). I'm not sure who exactly has "succeeded" Mary in terms of the family tree/blue book, however John is perhaps the most likely contact?"

    Hopefully I will make contact with this branch and coordinate the Macky genealogy from now on.
    • C.2.a.4.A.1 Alice Sarah LAKE-HAMMOND
    • C.2.a.4.A.2 Douglas Stephen LAKE-HAMMOND
    • C.2.a.5 Josephine Mary MACKY née SHERLOCK d.9/5/2010
  • 5 Oct 2011 · Per Ali TOCKER [B.2.a.4.C], news of Sarah Mary TOCKER's new daughter, Sylvia Mackay TOCKER-LOCK (Yes, Mackay, not Macky; Mackay is Ali's father's name).
    • B.2.a.4.C.1.b Sylvia Mackay TOCKER-LOCK
  • 5 Aug 2011 · Per Anna Helen KOMINIK [C.2.a.6.A.1], news of the passing of Helen Isabella Macky on 7/31/2011, and a correction to the birthdate of Anna's son Thomas.
    • C.2.a.6 Helen Isabella MACKY d.7/31/2011
  • 26 Sep 2010 · Per Graham Stuart MACKY [B.2.a.1.C.3], the following updates:
    • B.2.a.1.C Margaret Elaine GILMORE d.3/29/2005
    • B.2.a.1.C.3 Graham Stuart MACKY = Tara PAGE, and they have two kids:
    • B.2.a.1.C.3.a Jack Kurtis MACKY
    • B.2.a.1.C.3.b Georgia Rose MACKY
  • 8 Jul 2010 · Per Catherine Mary JOHNSTON [D.7.b.3], corrections for her branch:
    • D.7 Dorcas MACKY = James Scott MACLAURIN 12/27/1893 not 1894
    • D.7.a Helen Baird MACLAURIN b.3/13/1895 not 1893
  • 20 Oct 2009 · Per Gillian Clare Maclaurin [D.7.c.3.D], news of her father's death and a correction to her mother's name.
    • D.7.c.3 James Richard Colin MACLAURIN d.2/7/2010
    • = Winsome Patricia Fitzgerald (Pat) MILLER
  • 29 Nov 2009 · Per my father, and confirmed by the new mother, we welcome to Earth the second child of Christopher Peter MACKY [B.1.d.1.B.2] and Sarah Kirtene MACKY née FLORY. I didn't have their first listed, so both are included in this update:
    • B.1.d.1.B.2.a Anna Grace MACKY
    • B.1.d.1.B.2.b Peter Samuel Wallace MACKY
  • 20 Oct 2009 · Per Helen Margaret MACKY [B.2.a.1.C.1], News of her marriage and kids
    • = Barry DAVIS
    • B.2.a.1.C.1.a Sam George DAVIS
    • B.2.a.1.C.1.b Gina Pearl Margaret DAVIS
  • 2 Jun 2009 · Per Gordon Edward MACLAURIN [D.7.d.1.C], news of his remarriage... and twins!
    • = Kerry June HINGLEY
    • D.7.d.1.C.1 Alanah Joy MACLAURIN
    • D.7.d.1.C.2 Tom Spencer MACLAURIN
  • 26 May 2009 · Donna Messenger [B.3.a.1.B] noticed in the Journal of Reverend John Macky [B] that the birth date for his daughter Sarah Rebecca [B.6], known up to now as 1854, was wrong. The Journal reads:
    "Our little daughter Sarah Rebecca was born on the 24th March 1855 and baptized by Mr. Bruce on 17th June. My dear wife while pregnant of her almost entirely lost the sight of her right eye which still continues almost entirely useless to her. 'Rebecca' only was to have been the child's name but in the meantime before her baptism the sad intelligence reached us of the death of my wife's beloved sister Sarah Campbell which determined us in giving the child her name also."
    • B.6 Sarah Rebecca MACKY [birth date corrected]: b.3/24/1855
  • 4 May 2009 · Per Robert HALDIMANN [B.2.e.1.C]:
    • B.2.e.1.A Mark Kenneth HALDIMANN [name corrected]: d.4/18/2007
    • B.2.e.1.C.1 Mirella Lindsay HALDIMANN [name corrected]
  • 25 Mar 2009 · Per Donna MESSENGER [B.3.a.1.B]:
    • B.3.a.1 Donald Spencer MACKY's widow Elvera J. MACKY née Hess: d.3/19/2009
    • B.3.a.1.A.1 Allison Lindsay MACKY married to Richard Allen Paxton
    • B.3.a.1.B Donna Lindsay MACKY's marriage date corrected
    • B.3.a.1.C John Spencer MACKY: b.6/2/1954 d.10/25/1960
  • 15 Feb 2009 · Per Ali TOCKER [B.2.a.4.C], news of her daughter Sarah's child:
    • B.2.a.4.C.1.a Olivia Pia TOCKER-LOCK
  • 10 Feb 2009 · Per Anna KOMINIK [C.2.a.6.A.1], news of her marriage and two children:
    • C.2.a.6.A.1.a Katharine Jane Kominik FRASER
    • C.2.a.6.A.1.b Thomas John Kominik FRASER
  • 4 Feb 2009 · Per Jo POATA [C.2.a.4.B] (née Lake)'s kids Prue, Polly & Meipara, corrections to names and news of children:
    • C.2.a.4.B.1.b Kodi Allan Porourangi POATA
    • C.2.a.4.B.1.c Lee Clarke Te-Kani-a-Takirau POATA
    • C.2.a.4.B.3.a Josephine Te Rangi Pai Hinemaurea POATA
    • C.2.a.4.B.4.a Joseph Tamaiwakanehua i te Rangi POATA
  • 1 Feb 2009 · Per William Scott MACKY [C.2.a.3.D]: news of his marriage and a son
    • = (2) 1997 · Carol Ann CARRAN
    • C.2.a.3.D.2 Scott Ian MACKY
  • 16 Aug 2008 · Per Donna Lindsay MESSENGER [B.3.a.1.B]: "I am sad to say that my father, Donald Spencer Macky, passed away on December 10, 2007 in Napa at the age of 94. Until the age of 90 he was still the consulting architect for Napa Valley College, played golf several times a week and was always current on the events of the world. Good Macky genes....I hope I am as lucky."
    • Donald Spencer MACKY [B.3.a.1] d.12/10/2007
    "My fathers brother, Joseph Lloyd Macky, passed away on January 25, 2006, at the age of 89 in Walnut Creek."
    • Joseph Lloyd MACKY [B.3.a.2] d.1/25/2006