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What's New?

30 Nov 2017:
  • Added to the Gallery, courtesy of John Hopkins: photos of the Fahan Presbyterian Church, the original Cochrane farmhouse at Chrislaughmore, a Griffith's Valuation map showing the location of Cochrane lease in Chrislaughmore, and the old Presbyterian church at Buncrana (which is now a library).
21 Nov 2017: 18 Nov 2017:
  • Updates per Donna Messenger née Macky:
    • Marriage of Bradley Spencer MESSENGER [B.3.a.1.B.2] to Judy Shin-Chern WANG on 12 August 2017
    • R.I.P. Philip Christian HERCUS [B.3.d.1.A], 3 Sep 2017
15 Nov 2017: 12 Nov 2017:
  • Donna Messenger née Macky scanned old family photos (mainly of the B3 branch); I've added them to each person's page who is pictured. Also included is a photo of D. Dill Macky, whose connection is currently unknown. Donna says "There is a Dill connection from Ireland & his name is on the back of the photo." Anyone know who this is?
5 July 2017:
  • Robin Moran (Fahan Presbyterian Church), provided photos and transcriptions of James Macky's and Anne Mackey's gravestones at Drumhaggart Cemetery. James is buried with his daughters Elizabeth and Dorcas; all three died in 1842 (the Londonderry Sentinel reported smallbox for the girls).
    James Macky
    Elizabeth Macky
    Dorcas Macky
    Anne Macky
    Ballinagalliagh Gravestone of James Macky and his daughters Elizabeth and Dorcas Gravestone of Anne Mackey at Ballinagalliagh
    "Sacred to the Memory
    of JAMES MACKY of Ballinagallagh
    who departed this life the 11th day of
    March 1842 aged 84 years
    and of his daughter ELIZABETH
    who departed this life 9th day of
    Nov. 1842 aged 28 years
    And also her sister DORCAS
    who departed this life the 12th day of
    Nov. 1842 aged 32 years
    "Here lieth the body of Anne
    daughter of John Mackey of Gallaugh
    who died 6th Sept 1834
    aged 37 years"
25 Apr 2017:
  • News from Delwyn May PATON née GOULD, wife of Graeme Leonard PATON [E.2.f.5.D], of their three children Michael Peter PATON, Daniel Graeme PATON, and Cameron Jack PATON.
6 Sep 2016:
  • News from Ali TOCKER [B.2.a.4.C] about the passing of her mother, Margaret Grace MACKAY née MACKY [B.2.a.4] on 20 July 2016. A memorial service is being held 17 September.
10 Jul 2016:
  • Just got back from a small Macky reunion at Lake Tahoe, where I collected a few updates (particularly, added Cameron Wallace Macky's two kids).
3 Sep 2015:
  • News from Maywenn Leila DIALLO-HALDIMANN [B.2.e.1.A.1] about the birth of her daughter, Aïssatou Jade DIALLO [B.2.e.1.A.1.a].
21 Aug 2015: 18 Mar 2015: 1 Jan 2015: 31 Dec 2014: 29 Nov 2014: 21 Dec 2013: 7 Apr 2013:
  • Updated genealogy tables per Donna Messenger née MACKY: (see Deltas)
20 Nov 2012:
  • Updated genealogy tables per Shannon Maree BRITTEN née NARRIER (see Deltas)
  • Switched date formats from American-style MM/DD/YYYY to the unambiguous DD MMM YYY, e.g. for the first of April, "4/1/1944" is now "1 Apr 1944".
5 Nov 2012:
  • Jennifer Douglas has been doing more genealogy research, and found the following regarding Sarah Rebecca MACKY's [B.6] sister, Sarah Campbell:
    Hello I did a little more research as I saw your entry regards Sister Sarah Campbell's death in 1855. I knew that Sarah Cochrane had married Francis McElwaine who died 1837. So I search[ed] Sarah Campbell and have found her death 8 January 1855 (so fits Rev Macky's jouranl entry) and her marriage (using Sarah McElwaine) to John Campbell: and I always wondered how my Henry met a girl from Coleraine, Derry and now it makes sense.
6 Jan 2012:
  • Update to genealogy tables per Alice Lake-Hammond and the sad news of Mary Sherlock's passing (see Deltas)
5 Oct 2011:
  • Update to genealogy tables per Ali Tocker (see Deltas)
5 Aug 2011:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Anna Helen Kominik (see Deltas)
1 Oct 2010:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Graham Stuart Macky (see Deltas)
8 Jul 2010:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Catherine Mary Johnston (see Deltas)
21 Jun 2010: 17 Feb 2010:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Gillian Clare Maclaurin (see Deltas)
1 Dec 2009:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Sarah Kirtene Macky (see Deltas)
20 Oct 2009:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Helen Margaret Macky (see Deltas)
2 Jun 2009:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Gordon Edward Maclaurin (see Deltas)
4 May 2009:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Robert Haldimann (see Deltas)
25 Mar 2009:
  • Updates to genealogy tables per Donna Messenger (see Deltas)
15 Feb 2009:
  • Tables are now program-generated by this little awk program; the first version of the tables were coded by hand.
  • Added the 1994 Reunion group photo (small, large) to the gallery. Does anyone know who holds the negative to this? A scan of the negative would be much higher quality.