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Aloha Ian
Your Webmaster is
Small but Powerful
I am Ian Macky [B.1.d.1.A.2], webmaster of This domain is used for email, personal web sites, and information about the New Zealand branch of the Macky family.

The bulk of this site is a transcription of the blue book which was given out at the 1994 family reunion in New Zealand, itself an update of the 2-part 1969 edition. I can't take any credit for the contents of the blue book, that work was done by others: the history and causes of migration were by Polly Macky [C.4.d] in 1939; the family letters were transcribed by Helen Macky [C.2.a.6]; the 1969 genealogy was prepared by Keith O'Hara [D.1.b]; and the 1994 update was by Mary Sherlock [C.2.a.5.D].

What I did do was turn the blue book into a web site, and now I accept updates to the genealogy and keep the tables up to date. Changes to the 1994 data are recorded in this deltas page, and I wrote this awk program to generate the HTML genealogy pages. I'm also looking for original, historic family photos or documents— I'd love to host scans of them here.

For descendents of the original James Macky, I can offer the following free services:
  • WEB-BASED EMAIL: email accounts
  • EMAIL FORWARDING: For maintaining a constant face to the world despite changing email providers: I can make an email pointer which forwards to your actual email. You give out the address. If you change providers, the forwarding is updated and the address continues to work.
  • HOSTING: Host your own web site on a subdomain of For example, my own personal domain is
If you're interested in any of these, have family photos or documents to share, or have updates to the genealogy, please .