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Dorcas Macky E Robert Hall
E Robert Hall
Married 1860
Thomas Macky
Arthur William

    We now come to Dorcas, the youngest and the only girl of the family. One must confess that there was little blend of John and Eliza in any of the sons-- they were so much the sons of their father-- except perhaps in the case of William. So it is refreshing to find that Dorcas is her mother's daughter-- plenty of character but with all that sweetness of disposition which she inherited from Eliza.
    In reading her first letter to Thomas it should be remembered that she was then only 11 years of age. Compare the poise of that letter with the efforts of a child of today. She was then of an age with her niece Eliza Jane (James) with whom she wishes to correspond, and Samuel Cochrane (Reverend John) a nephew, is going to school with her.
    She received her education at the hands of Mrs Andrew, so far as the good lady "could put her" and followed instructions on the piano under Miss Hamilton.
    It is perhaps not curious that she should so early wish to go to New Zealand. But this attitude she maintains throughout and in writing after William's departure she deplores that "there are plenty of people coming pretending to buy but who never come back". Somewhat despairingly she ends this letter with the hope that they will all "meet in Heaven" if not in New Zealand.
    It has already been narrated that she arrived in New Zealand on the Cashmere with John and Eliza. Her age was then 17 years.
    Settling into the new home life at Salem she spent time assisting in the church life of her brother, the Reverend John. "She has been busy baking cakes and is very anxious". This was for a soiree where she was to have a table.
    When John and Eliza moved to Willow Glen she went with them to complete this last little household of the old people. On the May 10, 1860 she was married to Robert Hall of Mangere. For this occasion John wrote to Thomas for "a small quantity of strong drink" and a "pair of dark grey trousers". He urged Thomas to come by three o'clock as the ceremony would be at four o'clock. We cannot blame the old man for wanting something beforehand; it must have been a lonely home when John and Eliza parted with their last child and only daughter.
    Married life commenced not far away, for Robert Hall had a farm at Mangere. A change was shortly afterwards made to Canterbury but not for long. They came back to Auckland only again to return to Canterbury where they farmed in the vicinity of Riccarton. Once again the return was made to Auckland and they settled at Kohura in Papatoetoe. Here they remained until Robert Hall moved into the Dilworth home in 1877 and farmed both One Tree Hill and Puketutu Island, the properties of John Logan Campbell. He subsequently purchased Puketutu Island and lived there for some four years after leaving One Tree Hill in 1897. Robert Hall and Dorcas then retired from active life and retired to their home in Great South Road. Meantime, Robert Hall had owned the Te Rore property for many years, but as with Puketutu Island the properties were in the care of his sons.
    Dorcas died on the May 7, 1916, at the age of 77. She was survived by Robert Hall who died on the May 22, 1920.
    It has been found necessary not to follow the destinies of Macky women who have changed their names. But in this case an exception had to be made-- not only for the reason that Dorcas was the only daughter of the original family-- but also for the delight with which everyone who knew her, takes in recalling her delightful character.