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Letters of Recommendation

Presbyterian Church
Fahan, Presbytery of Derry
27th August, 1848

    This is to certify that the bearer, Thomas Lindsay Macky, has been a member of the church at Fahan, in the full enjoyment of privileges, since October 1846, at which time he was first received into communion; that his character has ever been unblemished, and his conduct and conversation becoming his christian profession.
    We do hereby affectionately recommend him to the fellowship of the church at Auckland or wherever it may please divine providence to order his residence, and pray that in the land of his adoption he may adorn the doctrine of his God and Saviour in all things.

JOHN MACKY, Minister

    I have known Mr Thomas L Macky from his infancy and can testify that he is a young man of most amiable disposition and that he has uniformly maintained a most excellent moral character. I beg to recommend him to those among whom providence may order his lot as a person of steadiness and integrity and well fitted for any situation of trust.

Londonderry      WILLIAM McCLURE, August 29, 1848
Minister of the First Presbyterian Church Londonderry

    This is to certify that Thos Macky of Coshquin has lived with me as apprentice and salesman for the last seven years up to 1st July last, during which time he conducted himself to my entire satisfaction, being strictly honest, sober and attentive to his business, and I consider him well fitted for any situation of trust and confidence.

8th August, 1848      Londonderry

August 30th, 1848

I feel great pleasure in stating that I have known Mr Thomas Macky for seven years during which time he has resided in this city, and that he has always conducted himself with the utmost propriety.
    He is the son of most respectable parents who reside in the neighborhood and the brother of one of the most talented and excellent ministers in the Presbyterian church of Ireland.
    From his own high character for morality, knowledge of business and strict integrity I am confident he will be found a most valuable and efficient assistant to any person with whom he may be led to form a connection in business.

Presbyterian Minister of Scots Church