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Rebecca Macky to Thomas Macky

(NOTE: On black-edged paper, probably shortly after Catherine Macky's death, 1859)

Dear Thomas
    We all got home safe and well and found them all well and glad to see us again. Joseph has been playing with his ball all morning and Sarah and Thomas are quite well.
    I am now sending her and Jos to enquire about the kit you sent with Wells as it did not come up from Fishers along with the other things. I would have called to enquire but William told me Thomas Rosborough had taken all up on Wednesday night (probably before Wells came).
    In the confusion and bustle of leaving I forgot a carpet bag and parcel of shirts. The shirts were in the nursery and the bag in the bedroom. If Jos Craig would take them down to the store, S Baird is sending in for his machine and will bring them out tomorrow.
    If you would please look in the desk you will find some stamps which you might bring me as we can't get them here.
    Mr Dillon can't go in on Saturday as it's always a busy night but will go on Sunday. I told M Jane to get Mrs Bain to come and stop with her if he could not, so you had better notice this to her and see if she has got what will make them comfortable. I know she won't waste anything.
    William was here last night and left after breakfast today, he seems anxious about a partner, one of either sex will do if they have money and good business talents.
    John has got Mr Price with him and seems a little bothered at having to waste his time with him.
    John unites with me in kindest love to you, Sarah and Joseph, and believe me, dear Tom,

Your affectionate sister,
R Macky