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Rebecca Macky to Catherine Macky

Home Sweet Home

My dear Kitty
    I got home very comfortably in Mr C's conveyance. The back seat is the most comfortable I ever sat in. My back was sore for some days so I thought it better to wait till this week to get back again as I have such a dread of the road.
    Anne and Lizzy intend going tomorrow and wanted me to go with them but Miss Goodfellow will be going the latter end of this week and offered me a seat. If Sarah had a bonnet and if Dorcas has got her shade finished and if Miss Goodfellow will stop all night, I'll take Sarah with me. She is a coarse lump of a child.
    I heard through Sarah Baird that you were continuing well. I think baby won't sleep well until William takes charge of her. I'm sorry to hear Grandmama has headache. Tell Tom I fear he's not doing his duty. The tumbler of water and essence of ginger is not administered as it ought. Grandpapa is most anxious to know when she will be out. He thinks he is forgotten.
    Please give Mr Carruth the tin case and seventeen stair rods and if wee Sarah's shade is made. She has a large head as Josey. I'm glad to see Mrs McLiver won the suit so I hope you'll remain in peaceable possession. Ask Joseph Alexander if Mr Shalders gave him the letter for his Uncle John as it never came to hand. I wish he'd bring up one of the door mats for me I saw in Mr Shalders'.
    See now and take care not to catch cold for another fortnight and then you are all right. I felt this house very cold after I came out. Dorcas must feel a great change. John unites with me in love to your mother, sisters, brothers, children, nieces and nephews. Kisses to baby. Josey is still, I'm glad to hear, in Coteil and my hopeful. Tell Mrs Smith I hope she gets peace to say her prayers.
    Believe me, dear Kate,

Your affectionate sister,
Rebecca Macky