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Rebecca Macky to Thomas Macky

(Endorsed Rebecca, March 1856)

My dear Tommy
    Thanks to you for wanting me to go in and stop till after my confinement but as it's uncertain when it may be, and as I feel every confidence in Dr Warrington, and feeling how very unreasonable and unkind it would be to impose on your mother and Dorcas and putting Kitty so much about, I would not expect to make a good recovery as I'd feel very unhappy so circumstanced.
    And I can assure you I do not feel the want of anything here. You are all so kind and thoughtful that I would be very ungrateful to make imaginary wants. Your apples were very nice and I don't spare them.
    Tell Kitty I'm sorry to hear she is not getting strong so rapidly as she expects. Tell her from me that when she feels thirsty to take ten or fifteen drops of Elixir of Vitriol (not the mixture) in a tumbler of water. It is the very best drink she can take, four or five times a day of oftener. It will strengthen her and will give her an appetite, it will lessen the milk, it will stop the night sweats. All this I can assure you from experience it will do as I was much weaker than she is, and in a short time I was quite well and I'd recommend a little port wine. I have no faith in it compared with the Vitriol but I'd not name it to the doctor. Tell her she will find Ann's breast glasses on the shelf over the back bedroom door and to keep them on night and day and she will feel the good of them. Mrs Hall sent me the others.
    I feel very uneasy about my eye as I don't expect it will ever be what it was and the other is very weak. It makes me feel dull altho' I try not to give way to it.
    John would be very glad if you would send a couple of bottles of the Derry whiskey to Mr Salmon's lodgings. We like Mr Salmon very much.
    Mr Barry was asking John if you had ordered the timber for the school house.
    Love to Ann, Lizzy and James and believe me, dear Thomas,

Your affectionate sister,
Rebecca Macky