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Eliza Macky to Thomas Macky

My dear Thomas
    I trust in the Almighty before this that you are safe arrived in Auckland and that you have found my dear James and all his family happy and well. I hope in the next month of May or June what we will have letters from you. We are all anxious for that.
    Your brother John and family are all well. Dorcas Running was there from shortly after you left until about ten days ago that she went home. Mr Donnell has at length got a place. He has got Newton Stewart where the Rev Mr Carter was. He will get but £20 per year of the bounty as long as Mr and Mrs C are alive. He will be ordained shortly and I would not be surprised after that, that he and Miss Running would make a match.
    Catherine Cochrane is still in Belfast. She was quite well when they heard from her. Your Uncle and Aunt Dunn were here for a few days. Mrs Gunn and family are going to America again in spring, and your Uncle Dunn has a great notion to go with them.
    Mrs Porter of Elaogh is dead and Bishop McGinn is dead. He was buried below Buncrana and had one of the largest funerals that ever was in this country.
    Dear Thomas, when you write I hope you will be particular in writing about James' children and let me know what they are like. Give my kind love to them and I hope they will be good children and obedient to their parents.
    Give my love to James and Ann and I wish them every happiness that this world can offer, and may the Almighty bless you my dear Thomas and grant you every happiness is the sincere prayer of

Your ever affectionate and loving mother,
Eliza Macky