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Dorcas Macky to William Macky

(NOTE: On same sheet as previous letter)

My dear William
    Mama has left me room to write you a few lines which I hope will find you all well and doing well. My dear William, I had hoped that we would have been on our way to New Zealand long before this but I am sorry to say I see no appearance of us getting away yet. There are plenty of people coming pretending to buy but who never come back.
    Mr Alexander's stores at the waterside were all burned down a few days ago. They made a great failure and nearly all the merchants in Derry have lost a great deal by them.
    Mrs Motherall of Burt died last week in consequence of severe treatment from her husband. It has caused a great deal of talk through the country and it was thought by everyone that he should have been taken prisoner.
    They have got the embankment finished down at Fahan and they are now ploughing the slob at Burt. Andy Rosborough is still in Mr Patterson's but is leaving it at November. He expects to get into Mr Bond's. Miss Fanny Mooney has got married to a young man in Derry. George is never able to be in Mr Thompson's yet.
    We have read very few books since you went away but they are going to get a library at Fahan meeting house and I hope we will get something worth reading from it.
    Give my love to Thomas and Katie and the little one, to James and Ann and the children. I do earnestly wish to be with you all in New Zealand and if not there I hope we will meet in heaven where we will part no more.
    May God bless you all and grant you every blessing is the fervent prayer of

Your affectionate sister,
Dorcas Macky