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Rebecca Macky to Catherine Cochrane

(NOTE: First part missing)

...instead of opposing him in the first in applying to the Free church for the appointment. If he can hold out any inducement to us that I am now ready and willing as I see it's a year older and two worse. Another request I make of him and you together is that you commence housekeeping on the 'total abstinence' principle and you will never have cause to regret it.
    There has been no word on the sale of any of the farms since. Dorcas went home on Tuesday. Rachel is making her frock as I was afraid she might not get down again.
    Mrs Macky's head is better.
    I suppose Joe told you all Ann's plans and arrangements. Do not annoy yourself about the watch as I think it's between them. I am very glad that you have it but be careful in winding her up and closing her.
    But dear Kitty, I felt vexed on getting a letter from Sarah today to think that you would pinch yourself for the sake of getting me a silk dress. God knows, it does not require anything of the kind to remind me of you as I cannot move through the house but I see something to remind me of your kindness and thought.
    I washed on Monday and got them dried and put past last night. This morning is very wet.
    I was thinking, if you had materials to make yourself a cap you could put it on of a morning and if you would sleep too long you might find it useful. Some yards of calico or long cloth would be useful but your liberality has not left you means for anything. Although you pay high for it, we all felt glad you were in the poop, and I'm sure you won't regret it.
    You'd be surprised to hear Aunt May is going to Mrs Brigham's again.
    Poor Mary A was sadly disappointed at not seeing you.
    John went to visit after getting your letter. As he wrote yesterday I said I'd write today. Sarah and all are well. John goes to England on Monday.
    I hope your feet are better. Poor Joe must have suffered with his jaw.
    Baby is in her cradle. She is often looking for you and calling on you. The boys are often asking for you and Jos is very often going to see you to New Zealand. I intend going to Rosehill to meet John in the evening. Ann's time there won't be long now. I suppose you heard the boys are coming home as they are not so easily managed since Miss Walker left, so it's just as well that she had made up her mind to go to town. We will be very lonely; she seems greatly bothered, it's a pity of her.
    Tell Thomas I'll only ask him to make as good a husband as John and I'm sure he'll have a better wife. I think Joe should call on Ann's brother. Did you not get his address?
    We will not expect a long letter after your arrival, but merely to say you got safe, and when you get settled a very long one, entering into all the particulars. Now don't forget.
    If you have time to answer this scribble it will be the greatest kindness you can show us. If we knew what time the ship would sail you'd hear from us again ere you left. It's now post time and I must say farewell, but I trust years won't pass till we all see ourselves in Tommy's house and you making tea for us. We will all have a great deal to say to each other. I fear you won't be able to read this and I have not time.
    John unites with me in love to you and Joe. God Almighty bless and keep my dear Kitty, prays your own sister.

Rebecca Macky