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Eliza Macky to Thomas Macky

(Endorsed Received by Kitty)
October 1851

My dear Thomas
    I was in hopes that in place of writing to you with my dear Kitty that we would have been all going out along with her. I trust in the Almighty that she will have a safe and pleasant passage and that you and her will have a happy and joyful meeting, and oh, my dear Thomas, I sincerely hope and trust that you will be a kind an affectionate husband and that you will never give her the least cause to regret that she left her friends and native land to go to you.
    Never seek for company or pleasure but in your own family. Make your home happy with your presence except when business or some other necessary cause calls you away, for it is there and only there that you will have real pleasure, pleasure that will not leave a sting behind.
    It might please God that we would all yet meet in Auckland but if He has ordered it otherwise we must be resigned. I was in great hopes from what you mentioned in some of your letters that I would have had the happiness of seeing you once more at home but that hope is now become hopeless.
    We all feel very grateful to you and my dear James for your wish to have us with you and for providing a place for us. It is the most anxious wish of us all to go if we could get our affairs settled at home. Indeed, my dear, we need not care how soon we might leave this country as our prospects are not getting brighter. Your father is writing to James, you will see from his letter what we are doing.
    Father, William and Dorcas join me in their kind love to you and to James, Ann and the children.
    God bless you, my dear son, and grant you and my dear Kitty happiness and comfort is the sincere prayer of

Your ever loving mother
Eliza Macky