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John Macky to James & Thomas Macky

My dear James & Thomas
    I sit down to write to you after waiting long expecting to hear from James, but I could wait no longer, and I must say that I think it strange that we have not got a letter from James since Thomas went there, and I trust there is no cause for you not writing as you formerly did. I am conscious of nothing on my part as nothing gave me so much comfort as hearing from you and I am still happy and rejoice at hearing of your welfare and happiness of you and Ann and family and my dear Thomas. As regards Thomas forming a connection with Miss Cochrane I never heard a word about it nor ever thought of the like until I received Thomas's first letter. I was not satisfied when I saw the letter, I was taken by surprise but I can say nothing against Miss Cochrane and if they have made up their minds to be connected together I have no objection and may God bless and prosper them.
    Now my dear boys, with respect to our going out to New Zealand, what is to be said. We have difficulties at home and will have to expect difficulties to go there and what is best to be done God only knows. I had always hopes of holding on to Kilfennan Farm, having so fine a place (and for ever) I would be unwilling, if I could do otherwise, to part with it.
    We are at present talking of selling and what we will do I cannot yet say. If I had you near me that I could advise with you, I would say to you to hold on Kilfennan and not let it out of the family. If you had means to remit to me I would hold on to the farm for you and your family. I had lately even advertised to sell, but could not sell at any price. At present the tenantry are trying for an abatement of rent, but whether we may get it sold or what will be done I do not yet know. We are trying to sell both farms at present and if we can make a sale we must then look out for ourselves in some way, either go out to you or try and get another place at home to spend the remainder of our time in this world.
    If at last we may not be able to accomplish a sale I would be glad that you would write to me immediately on receiving this note, if God should spare us that long, and give me your candid opinion as to what you advise me to do-- either go out or stop in this country. If we can hold out that long, and if we now sell both places, we will perhaps all go out to New Zealand. William seems to be determined to go, but was he to be advised by me I think he would not go out at this time. However, I hope we will be advised for the best. It would be impossible for us all to go out now provided we even had our farms sold. We have nothing provided and it would take a considerable time to fit us out for New Zealand. And besides, Thomas says that you have always a notion of coming home to this country and if you did I would like to be here. If we want to be all there together I hope we would be happy. I would not much doubt if we were all there but John and Rebecca and his fine little family would follow us after some time, and if we were all there together I have not the slightest doubt but we would be contented and happy together.
    I hope that you and Thomas will live happily together and after some time that you will be able to encourage Thomas and give him some share in the business.
    I have a right to be thankful to God for good health. I have some pains and cramp that follows me at times but I am getting better of that and I never had better health. John and Rebecca are here today and they and the children are quite well and we all join in love to you and Ann and your children and my dear Thomas and may God bless you all and spare you together and grant you happiness and contentment is the prayer of

Your affectionate father
John Macky

Dorcas requests to kindly remember her to you all and she would like to be with you all and Thomas is a great favourite.

Coshquin, November 1849