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William Macky to Thomas Macky

Written on the edges of the Londonderry Standard,
No date, probably July 1849

My dear Thomas
    We are in receipt of yours of the 27th February and are rejoiced to hear of your safe arrival and subsequent welfare. We are all well and hope yet to see you in New Zealand. I will write soon and give you all the news. KC is in Cootehill.

Yours affectionately,
Wm Macky

Dear Thomas
    I take this opportunity of writing to you to let you know some of the news.
    You will see by this paper that we have advertised Coshquin for sale. My father and mother think it would be advisable for them not to go to New Zealand as they are too old now to stand the hardships of a settler's life. Besides they may live very comfortably in Kilfennan.
    And I can go out to New Zealand and see if I can get anything to do there. There would be little prospect for me to stop here to work and they can manage Kilfennan very well as it will not be ill to attend to. I think it likely I will get some company to go with me. John Cochrane intends to go out there and go double of course. I hope we will have CC with us too. I hear she has written to you so you will know as much as I can tell you. And Mr Baird has sold his place and intends to go likewise. It would be very pleasant for us if we were all going together.
    CC is still in Cootehill so I have not seen her since you wrote to us, but I hope she will soon be down here again. Donnell and Miss Running are to be married about the middle September. John is to marry them in Seanagh and as CC is to be there; she will be able to come down with John.
    You will be sorry to hear of Uncle Dunn's death. He died about a fortnight since, after five week's illness of water on the chest. Aunt Gwynne and family are going to America again in September. They are trying to sell their farm. What my Aunt will do I do not know yet but I think it is likely she will live with father and mother.
    William Macky of Lisfannon has been in America since January last but I hear he is coming home again. He is a most extraordinary genius. He will never go mad (he is not long in one mind). Mrs Macky and family were not with him.
    The potatoes are going this year again and there is a large quantity set. What will become of the poor God only knows. It is true the markets are very cheap, but then there is no money or employment. Farmers will be very badly off too. The price of their produce is no very low and rents and poor rates so very high that in fact they cannot do well. Old Mr Cochrane is going to America soon. I suppose Mills and Joseph will carry on now. I wonder much Joseph stops in Derry.
    We are very glad to hear of James doing so well. You did not tell us much of the country nor you don't care much for your old friends as you never mentioned one of them. I hope soon to have a letter from you. Remember me to James, Ann and family and may God bless you all is the prayer of your affectionate brother,

Excuse this scrawl.