The Darlimurla Letters Project

Dear Friends & Family:

Over the past three years I've been working on bringing you the edited Darlimurla Letters. Letters between my great grandfather Joseph Cochrane Macky, his wife Mary Birrell Macky, and my grandfather, Thomas Hugh Macky.

The Darlimurla Letters Project
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In May 1915, Joe and Mary perished on the Lusitania when it was sunk by Germans off the coast of Ireland. The letters reveal fascinating insights into the developing colony of New Zealand, where Joe was a prominent businessman. They document his many travels around NZ's North Island, and overseas. He was a noted sportsman and important civic leader in Auckland, serving as mayor of Devonport from 1896-1900. When son Tom travelled to London to learn the family business, the letters between father, son and loving stepmother, Mary, increased. They're packed with details of life at home, business and civic affairs, leisure activities and working abroad. The letters culminate in notes sent from the Lusitania and an eye witness account of Joe and Mary's heroic sacrifice as the ship went down.

As with most projects there have been hurdles to overcome, the final being print costs. Hence this kickstarter (crowd-funding) campaign!

If you're interested in obtaining a copy of the book here's your opportunity by supporting the kickstarter campaign. Jump on this link now and check it out: the-darlimurla-letters

If you're not, check it out anyway, you might know someone who is! I have 30 days (Sat, Sept 5) to raise NZ$10,000 and realize my dream of bringing this wonderful story to print.

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Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Trish Macky